Je-Suis-JuifI am sure that you have been as horrified as I was by the actions of the terrorists in Paris. We certainly mourn for those who lost their lives; Jews, Gentiles and the Police who were killed in the line of duty.

I hope you appreciate the following open letter from one of our staff members. Olivier Melnick is a Parisian Messianic Jew. Some of his family live very close to the area where the grocery store was taken over and the four hostages were killed.

Remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and that God would protect His chosen people from harm.

Thank you so much for your encouragement, prayers and faithful support.

Your brother,


An Open Letter to Post-Charlie France from Olivier Melnick

Melnick_Twitter_ShotI was born in France, I belong to the Jewish community and I cherish freedom. On January 7- 9, 2015, all three of these came under attack. France will never be the same, but I believe that the country will recover. A handful of terrorists blinded and possessed by a barbaric ideology tried to instill fear and bring the republic to its knees. France is still standing.

JE SUIS CHARLIE: ‘I am Charlie’ because on Wednesday, January 7, 2015 with the tragic death of 14 people at the headquarters of the weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo, freedom of expression and freedom of press were wounded and threatened.

I am not necessarily supporting the views expressed by the writers and cartoonists of the French satirical paper, but I support freedom of press and freedom of expression and for that, “I am Charlie”.

I am encouraged to see how France has rallied against the oppression of a few proponents of an intolerant ideology. The rally was across political parties, multi-faith and multicultural. It was a sign that France will not accept to live in fear. The first major law about freedom of press goes back to 1881 during the French Third Republic, and even though it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for France, Islamo-fascism shouldn’t dictate what France can say or do, not today, not ever!

“Je Suis Charlie” because without freedom of press, there is no freedom, period!

JE SUIS JUIF: “I am a Jew” because on Friday, January 9, 2015, I witnessed in horror the death of four hostages inside the Paris Kosher Market. It was an obvious, targeted act of anti-Semitism at a time when France is already walking on very thin ice with its own Jewish community. This is not the time for France to mince words or seek to be politically correct, but a time to hold hands with a community that happens to be the third largest in the world. If France fails its Jewish community, France will lose its Jewish community. It was already well on its way to happen before the events of the last few days.

I was born to Jewish parents in a post-war France. “I am a Jew” because my mother who survived the Holocaust is again living in fear for her life instead of being able to safely proclaim NEVER AGAIN.

“Je Suis Juif” because without the Jews the world cannot be properly balanced!

JE SUIS CHRETIEN: “I am a believer” because on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, January 7-9, 2015, a group of killers proclaiming to be driven by God, committed several bloody murders. Radical Islam is an ideology that the cowardly hide behind; it is the thin veneer of “The Religion of Peace”. There was absolutely nothing glorifying to God about what took place in the last few days.

I decided 30 years ago that the best thing to do for a Jew searching for peace is to follow his or her Messiah. I found Him in the person of Yeshua of Nazareth (Jesus). I have never felt more Jewish than since I put my trust in Him.

“Je Suis Chrétien” because only when we have a personal relationship with Yeshua can we see Atheists, Jews and Muslims genuinely get along.

France, the Jews of France and freedom of expression will all prevail.

Terror will never bring us to our knees but prayer should because if nothing else, God will prevail!

O. Melnick, 11 January 2015