Travel and Tourism Summer 2021


As nations look to emerge from the Covid Pandemic of 2020 and the winter lockdowns, travel, tourism and hospitality are joint industries eagerly pushing for a return to services this summer. Many of us are trying to keep up to date with developments and longing for holidays and travel. Well, signs of change are emerging; this week, Royal Caribbean have announced that from May, they will be launching cruises from Israel!
It will be the company’s first cruise from Israel, and they are going to be utilising their latest vessel for the flagship journey, the “Odyssey of the Seas”. Royal Caribbean CEO Michael Bayley said it would be the first “green island at sea”, revealing the motivation behind their choice to launch this cruise from Israel, which has recently introduced a “green pass,” given to those who are vaccinated or recovered, in order that they may access cultural, sport and tourism facilities.
This is an indicator of travel opening up this year in Israel, as their pioneering vaccination programme has yielded success against the Covid pandemic. How incredible considering that the country entered its third national lockdown on 27th December 2020, with soaring cases and yet is emerging two months later with almost half of its 9.3 million population having received first dose of a vaccination, and 3.4 million having had both doses.
This week, lockdown measures have began to be lifted with some grades of school children returning to class, and yesterday the decision was taken by ministers, to allow restaurants to open from 7th March, to those with a green passport, proving inoculation.
Are you inspired to start thinking about a visit to the Holy Land? Many of us who have visited previously, have been reminiscing during the travel bans of the previous 12 months, how precious it was to have been. Conversely, many of those who have not been at all, have been telling us that the first place they wish to visit post lockdown, is Israel! Like many things we took for granted pre-pandemic, we now realise that picking and choosing when we socialise and holiday, is truly a blessing and luxury.
Chosen People Ministries UK have been hosting tours for believers to Israel over the past few years and though last year’s trip was cancelled, we are praying that God will allow us to resume with life changing tours, that enable people from the four nations of the UK to visit the homeland of our Messiah Yeshua, to walk the streets he walked and visit His beloved city Jerusalem. Keep a lookout on our website for future announcements of our tours to Israel!