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Music from the Shopping

Chosen People Ministries

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11 - Adonai CD by various artists
11 - NEW! Baruch Adonai CD by Inna Pikman

Brand new album by Messianic Jewish artist Inna Pikman. Unique and original, lilting Jewish melodies from the Hebrew Scriptures will lift your heart in worship. Don't miss hearing this exciting new Messianic talent! 7 new songs, all in Hebrew, include "Baruch Adonai," "Lo Eamer Lach," and "Adonai Shomrecha." Listen to the title song.

11 - Come Dance With Me CD by Joel Chernoff
11 - Come Dance with Me CD by Joel Chernoff

Jewish believer Joel Chernoff was a founder of the group Lamb, who initiated the sound that has become known as 'Messianic Praise and Worship'. Holding a most amazing CV in music, Chernoff's maturity is reflected in the fact that he wrote two of the twelve songs on this new disc way back in the 1970's (in distinction to which all other songs here are brand new!); also by the fact that on the striking, non-Messianic sounding 'Fall on me' and 'Love one another', Joel is joined on lead vocals by the gorgeous voice of 19-year old daughter Sharon, a gifted musician in her own right.
11 - Elohim CD by various artists
11 - Elohim CD by various artists

Experience Worship From The Heart Of Israel - Various Artists from the Land of Israel - At the dawn of this New Millennium, Experience Worship from the Heart of Israel with the Remnant of GOD'S people who live in the Promised Land. Join the Spiritual and Physical Levites as they Worship the LORD in Spirit and in Truth, in Hebrew and in English, in their Culture and in their History. Together, let us Praise the Holy One of Israel. May this Music cause you to Love and Worship ELOHIM.
11 - Jerusalem Arise CD by Paul Wilbur
11 - Jerusalem Arise CD by Paul Wilbur

Jerusalem Arise! was recorded live during Jubilee - the 50th year of Israel as a nation. Worship leader Paul Wilbur presents Messianic songs like Days of Elijah, Let The Weight of Your Glory Fall, and Praise Adonai.
11 - Lion of Judah CD by Paul Wilbur
11 - Lion of Judah CD by Paul Wilbur

Lion of Judah was recorded live in Jerusalem during the Feast of Weeks.

Pentecost is a time of celebration and anticipation as believers long to know the Holy Bridegroom in a deeper, more intimate way. Renowned worship leader Paul Wilbur expresses this great longing in this new album. It conveys the greatness of our love for the Mighty One of Israel.

The songs in this album broaden our understanding of Messianic music and show us the awesome scope of the great Feasts of Israel.

11 - The Love of God by Marty Goetz
11 - The Love of God CD by Marty Goetz

by Marty Goetz - A recent release for this Messianic artist - often called the 'sweet singer of Israel' for his beautiful voice and piano renditions - features timeless songs based on God's never ending love for His people. Songs include The Spirit of the Lord, Hineni (Here I Am), Psalm 23, For Zion's Sake, and King of the Jews.
11 - The Restoration of Israel by Joel Chernoff
11 - Restoration of Israel by Joel Chernoff

As founder, composer, and lead singer of Lamb, Joel pioneered the sound that has become known as Messianic praise & worship. Now he blends his Jewish roots with modern world music for this solo recording. Features "Jew and Gentile," "Holy unto You," and more.
10 - Ronu Shamayim, by Michael Nissim
11 - Ronu Shamayim CD, by Michael Nissim

by Michael Nissim - This collection of some of the most beautiful songs honouring our Lord, exemplifies Michael's deep love for Yeshua. "Hodu L'Adonai Ki-Tov", "Ronu Shamayim", and "Crown Him With Many Crowns" are just a few of the many that I call your attention to as special song samples. "Ronu Shamayim" is a must for your Messianic music collection.
It is not very often that a devotional instrumental CD is produced, but this one is sure to be a favourite of many households. Michael Nissim is an accomplished acoustical guitar player, and his love for the Lord comes across in this wonderful collection of songs. This CD is perfect for those who enjoy devotional music.
11 - Sanctuary by Marty Goetz
11 - Sanctuary CD by Marty Goetz

by Marty Goetz - Another of Marty's beautiful albums of scriptures set to music. This recording has many songs from the book of Isaiah including Isaiah 53 called "Who Has Believed", "For Zion's Sake" and the beautiful "Love Of God"...
11 - Shalom Jerusalem
11 - Shalom Jerusalem CD, with Paul Wilbur

Paul Wilbur emphatically states, "I was born for this project!" Paul, who attended synagogue before accepting Yeshua as his Messiah, had the opportunity to learn about live ministry as a member of the contemporary Christian music group, "Harvest." Paul later spent ten years leading worship in a messianic congregation, and founded the successful messianic music group, "Israel's Hope."
11 - Up to Zion
11 - Up to Zion CD, by Paul Wilbur

by Paul Wilbur - Worshipful music led by Paul Wilbur, former lead singer of Israel's Hope. Up to Zion is a chorus of beautiful voices and great brass and instrumental sections backed by a praising, clapping congregation. Songs include He Shall Reign, Worthy is the Lamb, and The Song of Moses. A great tape to listen to while driving, or walking!
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